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Expert Technicians for Transfer Case Repairs

Our skilled technicians at BC Transmission will check and replace your fluid in accordance with your vehicle’s owner’s manual. If there has been a leak or the rear oil has broken down, we'll repair those components that are damaged, replace the gear oil, and get your transfer case back to optimal running condition. Contact us to schedule your transfer case repair.

  • Difficult shifting

  • Noisy in all gears

  • Jumps out of gear

  • Fluid leaking

Signs that you may need service

Four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles utilize a transfer case. It's a gearbox that splits the power between the front and rear axles on 4-wheel-drive vehicles. In all-wheel-drive vehicles, the transfer case helps to shift power from one axle to another, depending upon traction conditions.

Benefits of your transfer case

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Extend the life of your transfer case

To help keep the gears turning smoothly, cool and clean, there is lubricating fluid called gear oil in the transfer case. The additives in gear oil break down over time. Replacing this fluid at owner’s manual recommended intervals can help prevent premature wear and damage caused by contaminated or broken-down gear oil. This extends the life of the transfer case, minimizes the effects of oxidation and deterioration, reduces wear on seals and bearings, and while maintaining vehicle warranty requirements.