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Honesty and Integrity is of Utmost Importance

Nathan Balcom is a long-time Michigan resident and native, who is the owner and operator of BC Transmission. He cares about his good reputation and will do everything possible to maintain it with his hard work. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

After working in the Traverse City area for many years and studying how other shops operated, Balcom believed that he could provide better service. Transmissions are very complicated. Rebuilding them requires technicians with a high level of skill working in a clean, well-organized shop.


Balcom doesn't play with the numbers and let things go, so you can “get it through the warranty”. His transmission units are built to the best of his ability and should work well once warranties have expired, even when being used for plow, tow, and play. His prices are fair and he'll let you know

upfront what to expect. He does not believe in low-balling the price to get you in the door and then increasing the price after he has your transmission on the bench.

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Transmission shops and auto repair shops, in general, don’t always have a good reputation for delivering good work at fair prices. BC Transmission aims to be a transmission shop that people can count on to be fair and honest.


Nathan approaches every transmission as if it were worth rebuilding fully with the goal to make it well past the warranty. Transmissions are difficult to remove and get onto our bench.  Short-term fixes (“patching”) are not our goal. He wants you to get the full value out of your vehicle and a complete and thorough job is what keeps your car’s value the highest. He does not patch automatic transmissions, he fully rebuilds them.


All new clutches and bands go in every unit. Corrections and updates are also part of every rebuild. The application for the vehicle is also part of the rebuild, plowing, towing, mudding are examples of special applications.